Das Erste Tier

Thursday 15. August 2013

Art in Public Space /// Wood, oil, pigments, 280 x 90 x 90 cm ///Das Geheimnis der Vegetation, Basel 2013 /// The nearly three-meter-high wooden sculpture is situated in the public garden of the State Archive of the city of Basel. The State Archive is the memory of the city and state. It documents nearly 1000 years of history and serves to secure exploration and an unique cultural heritage. The use of this archival material is open to the public. Das erste Tier is a symbol of the principle of metamorphosis. The idea of cyclical processes is inherent in its form. It reflects the archives as a compression of time. The classical stele is reminiscent of a vertebral column and thematizes roots as well as growth. The energies of the tree are turned outwards and transferred to the visitors. Das erste Tier is part of ¨The Secret of Vegetation¨ project, that marked the occasion of the 100th birthday of Meret Oppenheim.