immer / nimmer

Thursday 17. November 2011

Installation, mixed media, 180 x 180 x 180 cm /// In Gesprek, Museum Elburg, 2011 /// I'm interested in the speculations that we make about the whole of the universe. We are a part of our own story of the world, we are as humans incorporated therein. This work is ment to examine the relationship between knowledge and intuition. I installed immer/nimmer at the chapel of the former monastery in the small town of Elburg. The three nested mirror surfaces form a kaleidoscope. The hanging mirror object visualizes the negative space of a regular dodecahedron. More than 2000 years ago Plato claimed that the universe was in the form of a regular dodecahedron. In 2003 French researchers have found an apparent periodicity in the cosmic background microwave, this observation led Jean-Pierre Luminet and his colleagues of the Observatoire de Paris to the suggestion that the shape of the universe is a finite dodecahedron. Astronomers have looked for more evidence for this hypothesis, but there were none. immer/nimmer is a set up for a monologue about how the world - the relations of things, language, mathematics and our interconnectedness as humans on the whole - can be read. An attempt to create a visual time spiral to drill into eternity inspuired by a vision of eternity described in James Joyce 's Portrait of The Artist As a Young Man: ‚It was as if he was standing in the middle of a large hall, dark and quiet with only the ticking of a clock. The ticking went without stopping , and the ticking of the clock was as an endless repetition of words, never, ever, never, ever, never, ever, …’